Marie White Nxivm Art Collection

Keith Raniere taking pictures of young Cami

Suneel rescuing Clare off the toilet
Michelle Hachette

Michelle Hachette, Danielle Roberts and Nikki Clyne
Lauren Salzman “Cry My Eyes Out”

Lauren cried so much on the stand during Keith’s trial that judge Garafius asked her to step down. This is one of my favorite pieces.

Sara Bronfman

After Sara fled, I found a picture of her in this beautiful dress standing next to her husband. Sometimes ill exaggerate features on the people I’m painting. I chose her nose on this one.

Sara Bronfman

Seagram’s heiress Sara Bronfman. Her name is to be pronounced SAR-RAA in your best British accent.

Clare Bronfamn

Devotee and financier of Nxivm. She was an eager student of the sex slaver Keith Raniere. The Bronfman family had their wealth, and they also had their influence. Their family had built the Seagrams Company, an enormous multi-billion-dollar conglomerate in the United States and Canada. Clare’s father, Edgar Bronfman Sr. was the closest thing to Jewish royalty. Clare Bronfman, 43, is in federal prison, serving an 81-month sentence. Her release date is June 29, 2026. She was the subject of a TNT documentary, called the Heiress and the Sex Cult.

The US Courts convicted Clare of financial crimes concerning insignificant amounts of money. Her crimes were harboring an illegal alien for financial gain and paying a dead person’s credit card.

She oversaw Keith Raniere’s use of Pam Cafritz’s American Express card. Raniere’s baby mama Mariana used the card for shopping sprees. Keith paid the chiropractor. Clare paid for it. That’s a crime – to use a dead person’s credit card. Even if you pay it.

Compared to her net worth, her financial crimes were nothing. Her convictions were only financial crimes. The money amounted to less than half a million. Never was a wealthier person convicted for so little money for financial crimes. But this is Executive Success at work.

Today, I estimate Clare’s net worth is more than $300 million, despite her heavy losses in NXIVM.

She lost more than $100 million in NXIVM. She spent another $20 million on her legal defense and other codefendants. She paid more than 20 lawyers. But she bought an island in Fiji and still has properties in Los Angeles, which she failed to list with the court.

In 2018, after her arrest, she disclosed to the court a net worth of about $200 million – without Fiji or LA. She owns 80 percent of Wakaya Island, which I venture is worth about $100 million.

New York meeting 2021

Frank, Nikki, Suneel and Eduardo meet in New York for filming to discuss their future with Raniere and Rule 33.

Frank Parlato 2020 apinting



Nancy and Lauren Salzman 2019 starbucks Thanksgiving

Being an assistant to Frank Parlato during the take down of Nxivm was exciting to say the least. I have toyed around with art off and on throughout my life. On a cold Buffalo day I was challenged by Mr. Parlato to paint the characters he would be writing about. Nxivm has a plethora of characters. I study their faces and I study the brand. It was a crazy time when the story broke. Phone calls from all over the world came in day and night. To me Nxivm is an intriguing menagerie. It’s been an honor and privilege being apart of the Frank Report as an artist.

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